Our Approach

How We Support Change


We have provided major, multi-year grants to the following organizations: the Tamarack Institute for the Vibrant Communities-Cities Reducing Poverty initiative; Centraide for its Collective Impact Project that fosters neighbourhood revitalization projects in Montreal; and Evergreen, for developing a national strategy aimed at inclusive urban innovation and channeling unused and underused urban assets into new social purposes. We also have a number of smaller grants, and occasionally we issue calls for proposals for fresh project ideas.

Strategic learning partner

As we develop a listening platform and international learning platform, we aspire to bring new ideas back to Canada and to share our country's most promising urban projects with city innovators abroad. We share what we're learning with governments and foundations in Canada and internationally.

Capacity builder

Cities for People works with networks of urban innovators to identify new forms of collaboration and tools for transformation. We support these networks through online resources, strategic partnerships and national competitions (Civic Innovation Awards) and by commissioning research and publications.


Cities for People holds local and national gatherings to bring together urban innovators from various industries and institutions to collaborate in fostering transformative change and experimentation in cities.