Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody. --Jane Jacobs


Cities for People is an initiative that aims to explore the question: How can we enhance social, ecological and economic well-being and help civic cultures thrive?

Like any ecosystem, a city’s strength and resilience depends on its ability to nurture the full diversity of its inhabitants and give them what they need not just to survive, but thrive.

At Cities For People, we see every city as an invitation. An invitation for interaction, innovation, change, inclusion, learning, love and growth. An invitation to think beyond the way things are and have always been, and come up with new ways to make where we live support how we would like to live.

Our goal is to empower change and help foster the multi-level transformation and ideological shift that is required to help cities embrace the needs of their populations and come up with ways to meet them.

Cities are complex, so the solutions needed will also be an intricate collaboration between diverse stakeholders-- everyone from residents, community organizations, policy makers and municipal governments to artists, universities, private companies and charitable foundations.

How do we do this? Through collaboration. Click here to find out more about our raison d’être and approach.

During our experimental phase (from January 2014 through June 2015), we aimed to:

* Raise the profile of urban resilience innovations through social media, publications and events

* Connect people and organizations with others who have a common goal but may have a different approach

* Support promising innovations via training, collaboration and knowledge exchange

* Foster cross-sectoral partnerships to help bring new supporters to the table

* Monitor the impact of urban resilience activities and Cities for People as a wholePrezi diagram

We were particularly interested in initiatives that connect people, ideas, and activities that integrate strategies across the following domains:

Art and Society: Transforming public narratives and community practices through socially relevant arts.

Citizen Spaces: Animating public spaces, exploring ways for citizens to engage in local decision-making and governance.

New Economies: Promoting sustainable consumption and production, local economic development with a particular focus on collaborative and environmentally-friendly economic and business models.

CityScapes: Addressing housing, infrastructure and transportation needs, as well as greening neighbourhoods, brownlands development, agriculture, energy and water; all the while integrating social, cultural and economic values.

What are we up to now? Read about Cities for People in Transition to find out how we're building on what we learned in the experimental phase for new endeavours.

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