• How to bring a museum into the public sphere: Interview with the Santa Cruz MAH's Nina Simon
  • Changemaker profile: Jennifer Chivers and Naseem Saeed Sherwan of Hamilton's The Speakers Bureau
  • Spotlight on Montreal’s neighbourhood roundtables
  • Cities of the Future: Co-Creating Tomorrow
  • Cities as a commons: Sharing vision, resources and power

From our Blog

Hydroponics for food security in the North

This article was originally shared on the McConnell Foundation blog and has been re-posted with the Foundation's and authors' permission. By Elvira Truglia As the northern ice breaks this summer, two retrofitted shipping containers are arriving in Iqaluit, where they will be repurposed as vessels for growing plants in water. The hydroponics project, called The Growcer,...
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Special June Newsletter: Montreal’s neighbourhood roundtables

Click here to view our June newsletter: Montreal’s neighbourhood roundtables: A unique model of inclusion and engagement Collective Impact Project Awarded! Be part of LEDlab’s 2017/18 internship program! Deadline: June 13, 2017 17th IOPD conference - Montréal, QC. June 16-19, 2017 Cities of the Future: Co-creating Tomorrow - Vancouver, BC. Sept 25-29, 2017  
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Articles from SPACING

Weekly feature blogs produced by our partner, Spacing, the Canadian urbanist magazine

Book Review From The Stacks: The New Downtown Library

Author: Shannon Mattern (University of Minnesota Press, 2007) “The legitimacy of the library is in question”   — Rem Koolhaas during the design of the Seattle Central Library in 1999 (paraphrased). In the digital age, the legitimacy of the library is in question.  The definition of the library’s function in society is increasingly complex.  Libraries […]

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WWW: Cities fighting for the death of car culture

Make cycling cool again How China is attempting to reverse its car-centric, status oriented, development agenda and re-popularize the bicycle utilizing mobile technology. Taxis vs. Cyclists: How Belfast’s bus lanes have become a site of competition With taxi drivers fighting for the permanent right to drive in bus lanes to improve service efficiency, the validity […]

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WWW: Standing ground or biting the hand that feeds you?

Barcelona’s war on tourism How Barcelona is reclaiming the city for residents, not tourists in order to reinvigorate the central city and manage the hordes of tourists and industry that caters to them. Tourism may be economically beneficial but possesses a high cost for local residents and their culture. Portland: Putting its money where its […]

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WWW: Inclusive urban visions

How to build inclusive communities Challenging urban segregation is essential for economic and social suitability but requires multiple forms of interventions to reverse the patterns of homogenous communities found in cities worldwide.   Feminizing public space in Sweden How one Stockholm suburb is redesigning parks to be safe and accessible for women. Can New York […]

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